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We create really great software, inside and out

what we do at Spalding

Our mission at Spalding is to create high-end software development & consulting services to our clients that are unparalelled in the industry. Our expert teams will develop software solutions up to solve your problems with expertise only available with years of experience.

Often times, ‘generic’ We will make sure your new software solution looks as good on the inside as it does on the outside and closely matches your vision. Your software will be as unique and different as you are. You will no longer be a round peg trying to fit in a world full of square holes (unless you fancy yourself a square peg, then we want you to know that we welcome the challenge)!

We believe in working with our customers every step of the way to help you find the perfect fit; even if that means creating something from scratch with little more than a few random scribbles on a napkin. We believe in providing a high level of transparency to our clients, abiding by our core principles, and always communicating clearly and concisely. That’s right, no surprises. Whether you are a software veteran, or just starting out, we will successfully guide you through this process.

We specialize in:

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
Cloud applications
Web Applications
Business Intelligence / Reporting
UI / UX Design
Tablet Apps
Mobile Apps
Business Processes Modernization
Desktop Applications
Systems Integrations
Web Services / API
Business Analysis
Software Testing (QA)
Our multifaceted team is experiences and skilled at developing solutions using any modern programming language as required by the client . So no matter how “crazy” your idea seems, be it a quirky consumer application or complex business software, we can provide the design, technology, team, and methodology to successfully bring it to life.

Our design process is iterative, creative, detailed, and yet still fast. We work with you to capture your vision to ensure desired user experiences are met. Our attention to detail as we move through creating specifications and business rules allows us to catch any problems early on and can often introduce new features for an improved experience and outcome. Using this method, common user interface elements, usability testing, and experienced software analysts and designers, our design process produces amazing results. All we need to get started is a list of features.

Our development team is the paramount of the industry. We push the technology envelope every day. We have expertise in all major technologies on all major platforms. From mainframes to firmware, we have experts to handle your job.

Sharing data between dissimilar systems can be accomplished through dozens of methods. Spalding has developed a broad range of interfaces between various software, devices and platforms. We use the latest technologies to connect systems (both on-premise and web-based), share data, simplify and automate interoperability, and standardize data exchanges across the organization. Whether you are trying to integrate web-based applications or internal systems our experienced consultants can help.

Chad McCubbins | Spalding Systems, Inc.
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